Kawo 3: Construction Chronicle

Modern and innovative residence hall in community-style: We build new student apartments next door to the strongly developing RWTH areas Campus Melaten and Campus West. At the same time we create a new meeting point on Kastanienweg.

In addition to the two adjoining residence halls we now build rooms for 344 more students in “Kawo 3”. The four L-shaped buildings promote community spirit: They are connected with each other and the courtyards in-between are great meeting points. In our construction chronicle we inform about the monthly developments on the construction site.

Latest events

August 2017: More tenants for KaWo 3!
In the beginning of the month Studierendenwerk welcomed 60 new tenants. The newcomers moved into freshly finished apartments located in all four buildings. The infrastructure is growing: In the club room power and water supply lines were installed and the counter is soon going to be built. Also the outdoor area is developing: Three courtyards are fully paved, the fourth is nearly finished. Moreover, bike racks were installed in the basements.



July 2017: KaWo 3 is full of life!
In July, the last apartments were finished and 60 more students moved in on 1 August. All additional works were about improving the student infrastructure: The common rooms are now in use, so the tenants can start planning the new club room together. The laundry rooms were taken into operation and the beach volleyball court is beginning to take shape. In the beginning of August, the new kiosk on the KaWo 3 site opened with a big barbecue party.




June 2017: House 4 is soon to be officially approved
About 70 students moved into house 3 on 1 June. But also house 4 won’t be waiting too long for its tenants. The building is being officially approved: Inspections, finishing touches to the paint work, tiling of the staircase, works on the concrete building blocks and much more. Moreover, the outdoor stairs are in the final construction phase.
The tenants can look forward to the operation start of the laundry rooms. 



May 2017: Final countdown for house 3
As the weather is on our side this spring construction is progressing fast. In house 1 and 2 final touches were made: Handrails were painted, the courtyards were paved and the common rooms are now finished. House 3 was approved by the construction supervisors and the fire department. As planned, the tenants can move into house 3 on 1 June.


April 2017: Cheerful inauguration celebration
At the beginning of April the residents of house 2 moved in. At the end of the month we celebrated the official inauguration of KaWo 3. About 100 guests came and admired the new student apartments. In the other parts of the residence hall complex work went on as usual: The courtyard of house 1 was paved, first trees could be planted and in some places grass seeds were sown. The handrails of the staircase leading to KaWo 1 were completed and some of the building extensions and common rooms are already in use.

March 2017: House 2 is almost finished!
In March, construction went into the final phase so the next students can move in in April. The house has been inspected and approved by the construction supervisors and the fire department. At the end of the month the entire building was deep cleaned – everything is ready for the arrival of the new tenants. In the meantime, house 3 was connected to the water system and hygiene tests were carried out. Outdoors we laid the first paving stones.

February 2017: The first students moved in!
In the first week of February, 80 students moved into the first house of “KaWo3”. The construction of the other houses is making progress: All rooms in house 2 have kitchens and furniture. The floors of the arcades are covered with concrete slabs. House 3 is also right on schedule!

January 2017: House 2 is catching up!
The first building of the residence hall complex has been completed and about 80 students will move in in February - the last finishing touches to the interior will be made during the next few days and weeks. The construction of house 2 has made huge progress in January: Most of the paintwork is finished, several kitchens were installed and all bathrooms have doors. Currently, the outdoor area and the arcades are being paved with concrete slabs.

December 2016: Final phase for the first building
Fine-tuning on building 1: Electricity is running and new energy-efficient LED ceiling lamps light the rooms. All ceilings and walls were painted, the floors were laid and all doors and the locking system have been installed. Construction on the arcades is proceeding quickly. The scaffolding on the exterior walls was dismantled and the staircase is finished. In January, the construction of the first building is going into the final phase, so the first 79 students can move into the residence hall in February. 


November 2016: The kitchens are ready!
Classic design and easy-care surfaces in white and gray: The first kitchens were installed. In building 1, all wood-look floors were laid and skirting boards were installed. Tiling and painting work is proceeding with great speed. After a short break due to weather conditions the clinker-brick façade on building 1 is nearly finished. The arcades connecting the buildings are currently being paved. In December, electricity supply is going to swap from the temporary supply used for construction to the final hall supply.


October 2016: Caution, wet paint!
Not only the work on the clinker-brick façade is progressing quickly but also the paintwork at building 1 is as good as finished – rooms, corridors and outside walls shine with a fresh white. The floors in building 1 have been screeded so the laying of floors has started. In November, the pre-constructed kitchens will be delivered and in December, the first rooms are going to be furnished with chairs, tables and shelves.

September 2016: Rapid progress inside and outside
You can already see what the red façade is going to look like – the first clinker-brick walls are standing. All floors in building 1 have been screeded and the roof as well as the drywall installation are nearly finished. The kitchen manufacturer has made last measurements and the painters are going to start their work in October.

August 2016: The façade is going to be red
The structures of the residence hall are completed and all windows in the first building were installed. The authorities are going to give their acceptance for building 3 next month. All gas and water tubes in buildings 1 and 3 have been laid. In addition, screed works have started and first parts of the façade are being covered with red brick veneer. Special foil was welded to the roof.

July 2016: Façade and roof works have started
Vapor barriers were welded to the roof and the first doors and windows were installed. The authorities have already given their acceptance for building part one and will soon do so for building part 2. The tendering phase is nearly finished: Only few calls for tenders are still open, e.g. kitchens or furniture.

June 2016: The building structure is completed!
All four building parts of the residence hall are standing. The building authority will give its acceptance in the middle of July. In building part 1 everything is being made ready for plumbing and scaffolding was erected in order to start works on the façade. To sum up 10 months of construction: Everything goes according to plan and the enormous speed will continue.

May 2016: The last ceiling of building part 1 is completed!
Thanks to the high construction speed, the ceiling of the top floor could be finished. All pre-built bathrooms were installed as well.

As roof work is going to start soon, the top ceiling is currently being prepared for concreting. The pre-built bathrooms are going to be connected. The completion of the building structure is scheduled for July.

April 2016: Incredible construction speed
The residence hall is rising quickly floor by floor and we are still gathering speed! About 115 pre-built bathrooms were installed and 75 percent of the framings of the common rooms (the one-storey buildings in the pictures) are already standing.

Heating and plumbing work has also started. Some of the ceilings and walls had to be painted before schedule so the conduction lines could be laid.

March 2016: It keeps going up!
The construction is making huge progress. The second floor of house 1 is finished and 44 bathrooms were installed. Additionally, 25 bathrooms were built in houses 2 and 3 as well as three bathrooms in house 4.





February 2016: Two dozen bathrooms have already been installed!
It’s busy on Kastanienweg: On the first floor of building 1 all pre-built bathrooms were installed. One of them is disabled-accessible. Another accessible bathroom will be installed in the same building for common use.

Further construction steps were the pouring of the concrete floors in building 2, sealing work and reinforcement of the first floor ceilings in building 3.

January 2016: The superstructure phase begins
Thanks to the mild winter construction is proceeding quickly. With the official laying of the foundation stone on 25 January the first construction phase was finished and the next one, the superstructure, begins.

The first pre-built bathroom cells were installed. On the back walls of these bathroom cells nearly all supply and waste lines are installed beforehand so they can be connected already during the shell construction phase. With the use of the cells the construction period is reduced by two months.


December 2015: The first walls are standing
The residence hall is starting to take shape. After drilling was completed and the second crane was set up, in two of the four building parts interior and exterior walls were built.

The basement floor of building 2 was poured and the foundations and concrete work in buildings 3 and 4 were finished.

November 2015: Right on schedule
Ground level differences and weak soil are challenges on the Kawo 3 construction site: The residence hall is therefore built on a special foundation. In November, 160 augercast piles were drilled into the soil. The site was searched for unexploded ordnance but luckily nothing was found. The areas of the four building parts can already be recognized.

October 2015: Underground work
In order to make room for the new residence hall, supply lines, garages and waste containers had to be relocated. Even a thermal power station had to be dismantled and stored. The station building was pulled down.  

September 2015: Removing the soil
Huge masses of earth had to be excavated and removed. At peak times more than 20 trucks were needed to transport the 25 000 cubic meters of soil.

A new driveway from Seffenter Weg was built in order to keep the construction traffic away from Kastanienweg.

August 2015: The excavators have arrived!
In the middle of August the construction of the new residence hall Kawo 3 began. The modern building complex will provide 284 apartments for 344 residents. Excavators dug the foundations for the construction area of
15 000 square meters.