Autoload for BlueCard and FH Card

As a student you pay by BlueCard or FH Card in our dining facilities. With Autoload your card can be topped up at the checkouts by direct debit. You neither need cash nor do you have to queue up at the loading terminals.

Here we answer frequently asked questions about Autoload:

What is Autoload and how does it work?

With Autoload your card gets charged automatically at the checkouts of the Studierendenwerk Aachen dining facilities by direct debit. If you sign up for Autoload you allow Studierendenwerk to collect the determined loading amount from your bank account.

What are the advantages of Autoload?

Autoload is a quick, secure and convenient way of paying without cash in the dining halls. As Autoload user bringing cash to your lunch break and queuing up at the loading terminals is not necessary anymore. When your balance falls below the threshold amount you have set, your card gets topped up with the determined loading amount at the dining hall checkouts. On the Card Service Portal you can keep track of your transactions and payments.

With which cards can I use Autoload in the dining halls?

All students who have a BlueCard or FH Card containing a chip can sign up for Autoload.

Where do I sign up for Autoload?

At the Infopoint of Studierendenwerk, Pontwall 3, you sign up with a SEPA direct debit mandate. You will get a receipt showing your user name (=card number) as well as a password for the Card Service Portal. When you register, you determine at which balance you would like your card to be topped up (threshold amount) and which amount should be loaded on the card (loading amount).

Please consider: It normally takes a day after the registration until Autoload can be used.

What is the purpose of the Card Service Portal?

After the registration for Autoload you receive the password for the Card Service Portal. Using your user name (=card number) and the password you can log in from a smartphone, tablet or PC to the portal and select the following functions:

  • Changing your threshold amount and loading amount
  • Viewing all transactions made
  • Changing your password
  • Cancelling Autoload

To the portal

Where and how can I charge my card?

As soon as your balance falls below the threshold amount you have set (at least 5 €), you are asked at the checkout whether you want to load your card via direct debit. If you agree, your card is topped up and you receive a receipt on request. If you decline, your balance will stay the same.

What does threshold amount and loading amount mean?

When you sign up for Autoload you decide at which card balance you want your card to be topped up. As soon as your balance falls below the threshold amount you have set (at least 5 €), you are asked at the checkout whether you want to charge your card. If you agree, the cashier will top up your card with the determined loading amount (at least 10 €). If you decline, you will be asked again next time.

Can I change the threshold amount and the loading amount?

Yes, both amounts can be changed on the Card Service Portal.

Can I load my card without buying a meal?

No, the card can only be topped up at the cash register if you make a purchase.

What happens if I charge my card via Autoload even though my bank account is not covered?

If you do not have enough money on your bank account but still charge your card via direct debit, your card will get blocked. In order to reactive the BlueCard or FH Card the amount that was loaded onto your card plus a 5 € fee is payable to the Infopoint in cash.

Can I still load my card with cash?

The registration for Autoload is voluntary. You can, of course, still charge your card with cash at the card loading terminals. If you sign up for Autoload, you can use both charging systems.

What about data protection?

When using Autoload your BlueCard or FH Card gets linked to your bank account. No further data is saved. We have no access to your financial status.

What if I forget my password?

If you have forgotten your password for the Card Service Portal please come to the Infopoint and bring your ID, bank card and BlueCard or FH Card. The password cannot be required by mail, email or phone. If you want to change the password you can do this on the Card Service Portal.

What if I lose my card?

If you lose your BlueCard or FH Card you can deactivate Autoload immediately on the Card Service Portal. Should you find your card again or if you get a new one you will have to sign up for Autoload at the Infopoint once more.

How and where can I cancel Autoload?

Autoload can be cancelled any time on the Card Service Portal.

Who can help me if I have further questions on Autoload?

We answer all your questions at the Infopoint of Studierendenwerk, Pontwall 3, Tel 0241 80-93200, opening hours: Mon-Thu 8 am to 4 pm, Fri 8am to 3 pm.