University Childcare

Balancing university and family

Studying and raising a child at the same time can be a logistical challenge. Students with children are supported by Studierendenwerk. We will help you balance your studies and family responsibilities.

We provide 154 childcare places for children of students: 142 places in the child care centers Pusteblume, Sonnenstrahl, Königshügel and Piccolino for students in Aachen and 12 places in the childcare center Wolkennest for students in Jülich.    

The facilities provide high quality childcare in a loving and pedagogically sound learning environment. Our professional staff make it possible for the children to develop individually and according to their age. The teachers’ work is based on a pedagogical concept that applies in all our childcare facilities.

Pedagogical Concept

The pedagogical concept describes the daily work and daily life in our childcare centers and outlines today’s living conditions and lifestyles of families.

Everything that is accomplished in our childcare centers is based on the legal claim:

„Jedes Kind hat einen Anspruch auf Bildung und Förderung“ (§ 2 KiBiz)

„Every child has a right to education and support”

With this in mind, we consider our childcare facilities a space where children can live and experience. We attach great value to creating an open, accepting and friendly atmosphere.

Knowing that children principally are curious and enjoy exploring the world, we promote their development in a child-oriented environment full of ideas and creativity.

In doing so, we do not narrow down to one specific pedagogical approach. We take the life situations of the children and their parents into consideration and thus act according to individual situations and take professional pedagogical knowledge as a basis. 

On the whole, the main task is to accompany the children in their daily play: While playing, they are active with all their skills. They are focused, they act and observe, discover connections between things and explore physical characteristics of objects. They experience interactions with others which stimulates them emotionally and socially. While playing, children reinvent the world and make discoveries that will eventually be valuable for them.

The basics of our pedagogical work are:

  • Conveying trust and security as basis for the child’s personality development.
  • Encouraging independence, so the little things of everyday life will be managed with less and less help.
  • Strengthening self-confidence: When people accept themselves and feel loved, their many skills will develop, they can bond, deal with conflicts and approach others openly.
  • Taking responsibility for yourself and others: Through their own experiences, children learn to evaluate themselves and to develop. Children of different ages look for solutions together in order to learn together.
  • Creating incentives to learn: Our rooms and material are designed to offer the best possible development conditions of the child.
  • Moving and exercising: For children, moving means discovering, trying, developing and getting to the bottom of things. All children love to move and they do it only for their own amusement.
  • Connecting with nature: Caring for nature, learning to appreciate and protect it must be accepted as part of the children’s life.
  • Promoting creativity and imagination: Being creative means looking for new ways instead of insisting on one solution. Children get down to work with all their senses and with their whole body. Creative forms of expression can be found in children’s role plays.
  • Developing intercultural competence: Foreign families are integrated. As we welcome cultural diversity they are considered enriching.  
  • Practicing language skills: Children learn to talk by listening and imitating. They talk to each other, ask questions and look for answers. However, language is not only the spoken word. Language means communication.
  • Supporting the transition from childcare center to primary school: The children will face this new step with joy and curiosity. We have arranged cooperation with the nearby primary schools which includes mutual visits and joint conferences.

Only by keeping in close touch with the parents, the children’s development can be promoted. For us, sharing the education means to exchange views about educational aims and methods, to give each other advice and cooperate.

The first important step we take together is settling the child into the daily routine in the childcare center. The parents and the teachers make sure that the child feels secure despite the new surroundings and gradually gets interested in new things. At first, the parents stay in the group and do not leave before the child has built up a trusting relationship with at least one staff member. The periods in which the children stay in the childcare center without the parents are gradually extended.  

Children need children. Children also need grown-ups, who devote time to them and offer space to experience.

The nursery teachers accompany a significant part of the children’s lives. In order to accomplish this, every single staff member is important with his or her personal qualities.

We place value on hiring highly trained teachers who can reflect and extend pedagogical action concepts and undertake further training.

Our large spacious facilities also represent the high quality of our childcare centers. All facilities are renovated regularly, have new furniture and are equipped with modern toys and learning material. The big outside area is equipped accordingly. It is our aim to offer the parents favourable basic conditions that make successful studies without worries possible and guarantee a balance between work, family and academics.