Exploring new ways of learning and living

Projects that are out of the ordinary are very important in child pedagogy. Art, drama, music or sports – the children deal with different specific topics, get to know new ways of learning and leave their routines behind for a while.

No matter whether the project is about one specific topic or combines different themes, the children strengthen cognitive, social and emotional skills and get in touch with people outside the childcare center.

The picture gallery gives an impression of the creative work in our childcare centers.


Art in the childcare centers

Children create their own world

The promotion of children’s creativity and of individual ways of expressing themselves are important in our childcare centers. Painting, crafting and designing are fixed parts of our program.

Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day, St. Martin, the different seasons – the teachers use all occasions in order to stimulate the children’s imagination by teaching them new craft projects. Because it is for sure that art and creativity have positive effects on all aspects of learning and living.

The childcare centers sometimes invite artists who realize special projects with the children during a whole creativity week. For example the Hundertwasser Project: The children worked with the paintings of the well-known artist and copied the style. Many ideas and artistic skills came out of it.

Examples of art projects:

Physical Education in the child care centers

Movement and sports are part of everyday life in our childcare centers. For children of preschool age we offer gymnastics and sports. They give a structure to the children’s natural drive to move. Regular movement promotes motor skills and a healthy development.

In 2011, the Childcare Center Sonnenstrahl was certified as „Movement Center NRW – Bewegungskindergarten des Landessportbundes NRW”. With its big gym and garden the childcare center provides enough space for physical education. It also cooperates with an Aachen sports club which creates a great variety of sports offers for the children.

Project example: 

Theatre in the childcare centers

When the children get theatre education it is not about finding the next shooting star. But about improving body perception and body control as well as about training speech and social skills. Furthermore, performing in front of an audience strengthens the children’s self-confidence.





Project examples

  • Dance Theater CulturBazar in June 2015
  • Das Da Theater - "Das Piratenschwein" in autumn 2014
  • self-directed plays (Die kleine Hexe, Tomte Tummettot)
Music in the childcare centers

We want to work with as many ways of expression as possible. Music is an important part, of course. The Childcare Center Königshügel regularly invites volunteers who show the children how to play the piano.


Project examples:

  • Drumming Project with Moses Christoph
  • Workshops with music therapist Ulrike Disselkamp-Niederau