Student Guest Card

Students who have a BlueCard or FH Card without payment function can use the Student Guest Card for paying in the dining halls.

By showing their valid student ID, Student Guest Card holders pay the student price. External guests pay with the Guest Card and are charged the €1,50 fee on subsidized meals.


Here we answer the most frequently asked questions:

Who can pay with the Student Guest Card?

The Student Guest Card is a payment method for

- students of all Aachen universities (except Katho)
- bridge course students who have not received their BlueCard/FH  Card yet.

When paying with the Student Guest Card you always have to present your student ID/bridge course certificate.

Where do I get the Student Guest Card?

The Student Guest Card is sold for a €2 deposit (plus €3 minimum loading amount) at the card terminals in our dining halls.

When do I have to present my student ID?

When paying with a Student Guest Card, showing the Student ID is necessary in order to receive a subsidized menu (€1,50 to €3,90).

How do I top up the card?

You top up the card with cash at the card terminals. Most terminals only take bank notes and none of them give any change.

Why can’t I sign up for AUTOLOAD with my Student Guest Card?

The Student Guest Card is not personalized, which means that you cannot be identified as the owner if you lose it. As it would not be safe, a registration for AUTOLOAD is not possible with Student Guest Cards.

Where can I return the card?

The Student Guest Card can be returned at the Infopoint of Studierendenwerk. The deposit of €2 will be refunded if the card is fully functional and has no defects.

How is my balance refunded?

The balance on Student Guest Cards is refunded at the Infopoint, in Mensa Vita (coffee bar) and in Mensa Jülich.

Mensa Jülich has the following service hours for AUTOLOAD registrations and balance refunds:

Tuesdays   2 pm to 3 pm
Wednesdays        9 am to 10 am


Can I transfer the remaining balance to my BlueCard/FH Card?

Yes. As soon as you have received your new BlueCard/FH Card the Infopoint will transfer your balance.