Customers with a passion for coffee should definitely try our company-owned coffee brand. We serve AcademiCaffè in the coffee bars Caffè Lounge, Caffè-Bar Vita, C-Caffè and in the coffee bar of Mensa Academica. The coffee brand was specially created for the customers of Studierendenwerk and gives students the delicious aromatic “kick” they need between lectures.

Not only the aroma was important when creating AcademiCaffè but also the origin of the coffee beans we use. They are organically grown and purchased from agricultural cooperatives that value ecological, economically friendly and social ways of production.

The coffee beans AcademiCaffè is made of are grown in Ethiopia, Brazil, India and Honduras. They are refined by the Aachen coffee roaster Maqii and form the basis of all coffee specialties offered in our coffee bars, such as Espresso or Latte Macchiato.

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