After 40 years: Farewell to Forum Cafete

Photo: Studierendenwerk Aachen

Not only the operation of the Kármán Auditorium lecture halls ends – also the cafeteria Forum Cafete run by Studierendenwerk inside the complex will close. More than four decades we have served students and university staff coffee, cake and snacks. Now Forum Cafete will close earlier than expected: The last business day is going to be Friday, 31 March. The reason is the termination of the rental contract between Studierendenwerk and RWTH. As the lecture hall complex will be returned to Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb (BLB) the contract cannot be upheld. RWTH made this known at the beginning of this week.

In 1976, Forum Cafete opened. It quickly became a popular meeting point for discussing, learning, relaxing or sometimes even for taking a nap. A few years ago the cafeteria counter was renovated, but apart from that the typical Kármán concrete style and the original interior of the cafeteria remained until the end

After the Kármán closes many students will attend lectures in the new lecture hall complex C.A.R.L. on Claßenstraße. On 18 April, the new Studierendenwerk cafeteria “ESStw” is going to open and take over the meal offer of Forum Cafete. 

Studierendenwerk and the cafeteria team Hannelore Kohnen and Marule Ilhan say goodbye to the “old lady” and thank all customers for the great time on Eilfschornsteinstraße. Maybe we‘ll meet on Claßenstraße!


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