Former Philips canteen becomes our new dining hall

Additional dining hall on the FH Campus as from 10 July:
Studierendenwerk opens “Mensa Südpark”!

On the former Philips site on Eupener Straße/Weißhausstraße students and staff of FH Aachen can do more than learning and working: Studierendenwerk offers them breakfast, snacks and lunch in its ninth dining hall.

The pink tiles and the kitchen appliances are still from the time when the dining hall was the staff canteen for Philips Forschungszentrum. Until 2009 it was run for about 230 staff members. After it has gotten a major overhaul Studierenwerk now moves in and will be able to meet the increasing demand in the FH area. In the spring of 2017, FH Aachen opened three new lecture halls on the area that is now called “Südpark”.

Gregor Neumann, head of Studieredenwerks Dining Services: “When FH Aachen asked us whether we would like to open an additional dining hall inside the new lecture halls we did not hesitate. The appliances are in excellent condition and therefore the costs for putting the dining hall into operating were quite low.” What is more, Studierendenwerk can profit from the closing of its cafeteria Forum Cafete: Cooling and counter elements as well as furniture and the coffee machine were taken from temporary storage to the Südpark dining hall. With 150 seats it is a bit smaller than the dining hall in the FH main building 100 meters away, but it has a big terrace providing 80 outdoor seats. In addition to lunch we offer cafeteria products and snacks. Vegetarians can choose from a big salad buffet. The Südpark dining hall will be open from Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 4 pm.

Studierendenwerk runs nine dining halls: Four in the RWTH area and five in the FH area (four in Aachen and one in Jülich). In 2016, 2,5 million meals in total were sold. The student prices for subsidized meals range from 1,80 € to 3,90 €.

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