Information for bridge course students

Studierendenwerk Aachen welcomes all bridge course students! As you won’t have your BlueCard/FH Card yet when the courses start you can use the Student Guest Card in the dining halls. With this card you eat at student prices.

What are the requirements?

  • Bridge course students have to buy the Student Guest Card for a €2 deposit. Important: The Guest Card is for external guests and €1,50 is charged automatically when paying with it. Only with the Student Guest Card bridge course students can eat at student prices.

  • Only on presentation of the participation confirmation bridge course students get a student menu.

Where can I obtain the Student Guest Card?

At the vending machines in all dining halls of Studierendenwerk Aachen. We will also have additional stalls where you can buy a Student Guest Card that is already topped up for €10 (€8 balance + €2 Euro card price) on the following dates at the following locations:

Monday, September 4, and Tuesday, September 5:

  • Infopoint of StW Aachen
    Pontwall 3, Aachen
    8 am-4 pm

  • Foyer Mensa Academica
    Pontwall 3, Aachen
    10 am–2 pm

Monday, September 4:

  • Lecture hall center „C.A.R.L.“ (when the bridge course tickets for public transport are distributed)
    Claßenstraße 11, Aachen
    beginning at 1:30 pm


We recommend all bridge course students to top up their card as soon as possible. As all courses have the same break times long waiting periods at the card loading terminals can be expected.


Card loading terminals

RWTH area:

  • Mensa Academica, Pontwall 3 (only chip card payment)
  • Mensa Ahornstraße  (only chip card payment)
  • Mensa Vita, Helmertweg 1  (only chip card payment)
  • Bistro Templergraben
  • C-Caffè, SuperC, Templergraben
  • ESStw, C.A.R.L., Claßenstraße (only chip card payment)

FH area:

  • Mensa Jülich, FH Campus (only chip card payment)
  • Mensa Bayernallee (only chip card payment)
  • Mensa Goethestraße (only chip card payment)
  • Mensa Eupener Straße(only chip card payment)


Balance transfer to the BlueCard/FH Card

When the semester starts, bridge course students receive their BlueCard/FH Card. They can use it in order to pay without cash in the dining halls. Should there still be money on their Student Guest Card they can have it transferred to their BlueCard/FH Card by the Infopoint.

In general, the BlueCard/FH Card is distributed in the second week of the semester. Therefore, bridge course students should keep the Student Guest Card until they receive the Student ID. 

More information about cashless payment in the dining halls of StW Aachen.

If you have questions the Infopoint will help you.


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