Say goodbye to free plastic cups in the dining halls

Mensa Academica has recently set a new record: On a single day 1 000 disposable cups were used at the free water tab and then thrown away. Too much, we think.

In the past few months we have appealed for our customers to bring their own reusable cups. Unfortunately, there was little reaction to our request.

We do not want to be part of this development any longer and have therefore decided: We are happy to provide free water but only in cups customers bring themselves. Alternatively, you can buy an empty cup for 10 cents at the checkouts. Of course, the cup is for free if you buy a drink at the soft drink dispenser.

Besides environment protection the costs are an important factor. As we do not want to provide the white plastic cup any longer customers switch to the eco-friendly cup made from biodegradable cornstarch. This special cup is a little more expensive so we cannot provide it for free. Especially, if the number of used cups exceeds 1 000.

Please note: In all dining halls this regulation will be valid as from Monday, 24 April. Thank you!

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