Try now: “Monsooned Malabar“

An exceptional coffee delight with notes of chocolate and wood

As from Monday, 20 November we serve something very special in the Mensa Vita coffee bar: Specialties that are made from “monsooning” coffee beans. They are named after a special storage system that gives the coffee a sweet nutty taste.

The monsooning process originates in India: The coffee beans were transported by sea from India to England in the 17th century. Because of the bad storage conditions on the boats they were exposed to monsoon rains throughout the journey. The constant humidity made the beans change in structure, size and colour and as a result they developed a special aroma. The excellent coffee made from these beans became popular in Europe. Nowadays, there are a special warehouses in which the beans are artificially watered (“monsooning”).

By the way: Just like the beans of our AcademiCaffè the Monsooned Malabar beans are roasted by the Aachen coffee roastery “Maqii”.

With Monsooned Malabar the coffee bar in Mensa Vita serves an exceptional coffee delight.

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