Menu Mensa Bayernallee KW7

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1,80 €


Corn carrot stew
Couscous (A,A1)

Green beans stew
Bread roll (A,G,H,A1,A3)

Apple pumpkin soup with lemongras
Bread (A,A1,A2,A3)

2,10 €


Filled potato cushions (A,D,H,A1)
Chives sauce (H)

Ravioli with tomato filling (A,A1)
Vegetable sauce (B,G)

Cauliflower gratin
Gorgonzola sauce (A,H,A1) | Blueberry cheese curd (H)

Soy strips with mushrooms (G)

4,50 €


Chicken Schnitzel (A,A1)
Jalapeño cheese sauce (1,A,H,A1)

Breaded cod fish nuggets (A,E,H,A1)
Dutch remoulade (9,D,H,J)

Chicken strips in pepper sauce with bell peppers (H)

Fish bake with broccoli (A,E,H,A1)
White wine sauce (H,L)

1,50 €

Yeast dumplings (A,D,H,A1)
Vanilla sauce (1,H)

Main side-dishclosedorclosedFrench FriesorSpirelli (A,A1)PotatoesorCurry riceCroquettes (A,A1)orRice with peasPotatoesorRibbon noodles (A,D,A1)
secondaryclosedorclosedCornorMixed saladBroccoli with almonds (I,I1)orGreen bean saladBush beansorMixed saladPeasorMixed salad
Pizza of the Day
3,50 €


Pizza Tonno
Tuna, onions, garlic (1,2,A,E,G,H,A1,A3)

Alsace tarte flambée
Bacon, onions (2,3,A,G,A1,A3) | Crème fraîche (H). (A,G,A1,A3)

Pizza Bacon
Bacon, boiled egg (1,2,3,A,D,G,H,A1,A3)

Pizza Aglio e Jalapeños
Garlic, tomatoes, jalapeños (1,2,A,G,H,A1,A3)

3,20 €

Vegetables stir-fry
Soy plum sauce (A,G,A1) | Basmati rice

Chili lemon vegetable stir-fry (A,G,A1)
Cucumber raita (H) | Turmeric rice

Hot Indian Curry
Soy cubes (G) | Basmati rice

Vegetable stir-fry Shanghai
Mushrooms, broccoli, curry (A,G,A1) | Whole-grain rice

3,20 €

Stir-fry beef and vegetables
Soy plum sauce (A,G,A1) | Basmati rice

Chili-lemon-chicken (A,G,A1)
Cucumber raita (H) | Turmeric rice

Hot Indian Curry
Soy cubes (G) | Basmati rice

Pork Shanghai
Mushrooms, broccoli | Soy-plum-sauce (A,G,A1) | Whole-grain rice

4,20 €


All specifications apply to students, guests pay a surcharge of € 1.50 menu for the following dishes: stew/sweet dish, vegetarian, classic, suggestion of the day

Zusatzstoffe: (1) food colouring, (2) preservatives, (3) antioxidants, (9) sweetener

Allergene: (A) cereals containing gluten, (B) Sellerie, (D) eggs, (E) fish, (G) soybeans, (H) milk, (I) nuts, (J) mustard, (L) sulfur dioxide or sulphites, (A1) wheat, (A2) rye, (A3) barley, (I1) almond