Menu Mensa Vita KW50

KW50Monday 11.12.2017Tuesday 12.12.2017Wednesday 13.12.2017Thursday 14.12.2017Friday 15.12.2017
1,80 €

Noodle soup Persian style (3,A,H,A1)
Pita bread (A,K,A1)

Thai soup Tom Kha Gai
Coconut milk, chicken (A,G,A1) | Pita bread (A,K,A1)

Paprika, Oliven (3,6) | Bread (A,A1,A2,A3)

Curried sausage soup
Sweet peppers, potatoes (H) | Bread roll (A,G,H,A1,A3)

2,10 €

Big hash browns
Mushroom cream sauce (G,L)

Chick peas spinach curry
sweet potato cubes (2,3)

Cauliflower gratin
Gorgonzola sauce (A,H,A1) | Blueberry cheese curd (H)

Hot Pumpkin vegetables
Lentils, rocket salad | Penne Rigate (A,A1)

Stir-fry whole grain rice
Bell peppers (B) | Soy gyro (G) | Ajvar

Suggestion of the day
3,90 €

Saddle Steak
Sauce Robert (9,J)

Beef strips
Mushrooms | Red wine sauce (L)

Pork steak saté
Peanut sauce (1,F) | Asian noodles (A,G,A1)

Chicken breast with onion-mustard crust (A,J,A1)

Mediterranean Chicken stir-fry (6)
Broccoli with almonds (I,I1) | Turmeric rice (H)

2,60 €

Chicken nuggets (6 Pcs) (A,A1)
Curry mango dip (D,H,J)

Pork schnitzel (A,D,A1)
Pepper sauce (H,J)

Tomato sauce Oriental Style

Meatball (A,D,J,A1)

Fried fish (A,E,H,J,A1)
Herb sauce (A,B,D,H,J,A3)

1,50 €

Yeast dumplings (A,D,H,A1)
Vanilla sauce (1,H)

Main side-dishPotatoes with chivesorRiceFrench FriesorWheat berries (A,A1)Mashed potatoes (H)orWhole-grain riceParisian potatoesorPenne rigate (A,A1)French FriesorWhole-grain rice
secondaryMixed vegetables orMixed saladCornorMixed saladSmall carrotsorMixed saladMixed beansorMixed saladBroccoli with almonds (I,I1)orMixed salad
Pizza of the Day
3,50 €

Pizza Tonno
Tuna, onions, garlic (1,2,A,G,H,A1,A3)

Pizza Hawaii
Ham, pineapple (1,2,3,8,A,G,H,A1,A3)

Alsace tarte flambée
Bacon, onions (2,3,A,G,A1,A3). (A,G,A1,A3) | Crème fraîche (H)

Pizza Bacon
Bacon, boiled egg (1,2,3,A,D,G,H,A1,A3)

Pizza Aglio e Jalapeños
Garlic, tomatoes, jalapeños (1,2,A,G,H,A1,A3)

3,50 €

Potato cream pierogi (A,D,H,A1)
Beetroot salad (9)

Farfalloni (A,A1) Verdure
Vegetables, cheese (1,2,B,G,H) | Tomato sauce | Béchamel (A,B,H,A1,A3)

Maccheroni (A,A1) Polpette
Meatballs, vegetables (1,2,3,B,H) | Tomato sauce

Spaghetti (A,A1) al Forno
tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon (2,3,H) | Tomato sauce

Gnocchi (A,A1) al forno
Broccoli, ham, cheese (1,2,3,8,H) | Béchamel (A,B,H,A1,A3)

3,50 €

Pasta (A,D,A1) Paprika with cheese (2,3,B,H)
Paprika sauce (H)

Wholegrain spaghetti (A,A1) Carciofo
Artichokes, olives (6) | Tomato cream sauce (H)

Spaghetti (A,A1) Gorgonzola e Pera
Rocket, pear slices (D,H) | Gorgonzola sauce (A,B,H,A1,A3)

Gnocchi (A,A1) Siciliana
ratatouille, olives (6) | Tomato sauce

Maccheroni (A,A1) Classica
Spinach, Ital. cheese (H) | Béchamel (A,B,H,A1,A3)

3,50 €

Conchiglie (A,A1) Prosciutto e Parmigiano
Serrano ham, cheese (2,3) | Parmesan (A,H,A1) | Pesto sauce (H)

Ribbon noodles (A,D,A1) Salmone e Crema
Salmon (E,H) | Béchamel (A,B,H,A1,A3)

Farfalloni (A,A1) Rosati
Chicken, dried tomatoes | Pesto (H) | Tomato sauce

Penne (A,A1) con Broccoli
chicken, broccoli (D,H) | Béchamel (A,B,H,A1,A3)

Pasta (A,D,A1) Amatriciana
bacon, olives (2,3,6) | Tomato sauce

3,20 €

Thai Curry Massaman Style
Pork, vegetables, peanuts (A,F,G,A1) | Basmati rice

Chili-lemon-chicken (A,G,A1)
cucumber raita (H) | Basmati rice, vegetarian choice optional

Red curry with tomatoes and basilikum (A,G,K,A1)

Beef Szechuan
bell peppers, bamboo shoots, vegetables (A,G,A1) | Basmati rice, vegetarian choice optional

Pork Shanghai
Mushrooms, broccoli | Soy-plum-sauce (A,G,A1) | Basmati rice

3,20 €

Thai Curry Massaman Style
Vegetables, peanuts (A,F,G,A1) | Basmati rice

Red curry with tomatoes and basilikum (A,G,K,A1)

Vegetable stir-fry Szechuan
bell peppers, bamboo shoots (A,G,A1) | Basmati rice

Vegetable stir-fry Shanghai
Mushrooms, broccoli, curry (A,G,A1) | Basmati rice

All specifications apply to students, guests pay a surcharge of € 1.50 menu for the following dishes: stew/sweet dish, vegetarian, classic, suggestion of the day

Zusatzstoffe: (1) food colouring, (2) preservatives, (3) antioxidants, (6) blackened, (8) phosphate, (9) sweetener

Allergene: (A) cereals containing gluten, (B) Sellerie, (D) eggs, (E) fish, (F) peanuts, (G) soybeans, (H) milk, (I) nuts, (J) mustard, (K) Sesamsamen, (L) sulfur dioxide or sulphites, (A1) wheat, (A2) rye, (A3) barley, (I1) almond