Eating & Drinking

Restrictions in dining halls

Due to the increasing number of Corona cases, Studierendenwerk has decided at short notice to reduce the offer in the dining halls as of next week. The background to this is the resumption of a two-shift system in order to be able to counteract possible employee deficit. Although it will not be possible to maintain the current range of services, it may be possible to avoid complete closures of our facilities. Even though almost only vaccinated people work at Studierendenwerk, sickness-related absences increases there as well. We thank you for your understanding!

Offer restrictions as of 17 January:
Mensa Academica: Closure of the pizza, pasta and wok counter,
Mensa Vita: Closing of the pizza and pasta counter
Mensa Bayernallee and Mensa Eupener Straße: Closing of the wok counter

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