ARGE NRW: Rescue fund for Studierendenwerke

On 1 April 2020, NRW State Parliament decided on financial aid for the Studierendenwerke NRW.

Due to the direct and indirect consequences of the Corona crisis for the Studierendenwerke, the Budget and Finance Committee released funds from the supplementary budget 2020 NRW, especially for losses in university catering.

State Government presentation of €5.2 million
In the run-up to the conference, the State Government proposed to the State Parliament to provide financial means of €5.2 million to the Studierendenwerke for expected losses in university catering. The Studierendenwerke had to close their gastronomic facilities nationwide on 22 March 2020.

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Studierendenwerke NRW (Student Services Team) Statement
The Studierendenwerke have already pointed out the considerable effects of the Corona crisis in a earlier statement. These are causing a considerable drop in income in the university gastronomy facilities and inevitably lead to liquidity shortage. Without state aid, the Studentenwerke can only reconcile a few weeks with their own funds.

Vorlage der Landesregierung an den Landtag über Kostenhilfen an die Studierendenwerke NRW

Stellungnahme der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Studierendenwerke NRW zum „NRW-Rettungsschirm“/Nachtragshaushaltsgesetz

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