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As of 8 February, take away offer at Pontwall again

After a six-week closure due to the pandemic, Studierendenwerk opens Mensa Academica again. It is planed to offer two different take away meals, intended primarily as emergency supplies for students in need.

Mensa Academica is open as of Monday, 8 February, weekdays from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Daily choices include one vegetarian and one meat-based take away dish. As in previous months, only students and staff of the four Aachen universities who can prove their university affiliation at the entrance are permitted to enter. The offer will take place under consideration of all necessary protective and hygienic measures. For the time being, it will not be possible to consume food and drinks in the building, on the terraces or on the entire outdoor area.

Studierendenwerk is opening the dining hall at the request of the RWTH's AStA, among others, which has pointed out the urgent need to provide food for students in need. In order to avoid crowding, however, all guests are asked to make use of the offer only if necessary.

The so-called "free table", which provides free meals for students who can prove that they are in need, will also come into effect again. The relevant information can be found on the RWTH‘s or FH‘s AStA website.

As usual, the daily updated menus will be available again next week at Studierendenwerk asks all guests to consider the measures to ensure a smooth process.

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