Campaign "SOS Semesterbeitrag“

The NRW state meeting of ASten, NRW Studierendenwerke and 12 others are sounding the alarm with the "SOS Semesterbeitrag" (SOS semester fee) campaign!

Students in North Rhine-Westphalia have been burdened for years by ever-increasing semester fees. On today's Tuesday, 22 February, Landes-ASten-Treffen NRW (LAT NRW) in cooperation with Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Studierendenwerke NRW (NRW Student Services Team), therefore publishes the campaign "SOS Semesterbeitrag". Together with 12 further co-signatories they strike alarm! The appeal and all information about the campaign can be found at: latnrw.de/sos-semesterbeitrag

"The pandemic has shown how precarious the situation of many students is. But the semester fees continue to rise and thus become hidden tuition fees. This is not compatible with the goal of educational justice! With our campaign, we call on politicians to intervene here in the interests of students," explains Amanda Steinmaus, coordinator of LAT NRW.

"North Rhine-Westphalia is the land of studying and educational advancement. But the Government does not support the Studierendenwerke nearly enough, nor does it support student mobility. As a result, the burden on students continues to increase, as they have to compensate for the underfunding through their contributions. A rethink is urgently needed here!" demands Tobias Zorn, coordinator of the LAT NRW.

"We are pleased that the state government has concluded a generous agreement with the NRW universities for the years 2022 to 2026," adds Jörg Schmitz, spokesman for NRW Student Services Team. "However, affordable mobility and a working social infrastructure for students in NRW are just as important as good teaching and research. The state government would be well advised to make up the financial ground here in the interests of the students. For more equal opportunities on campus and so that studying succeeds!"

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