Climate protection: Studierendenwerk joins VEA initiative

Studierendenwerk conscientiously fulfills the task of protecting nature and the environment in all its areas. For example, energy consumption for electricity and heat is recorded, listed and continuously analyzed. And that's not all: by purchasing green electricity, the proportion of renewable energies was increased to 100 percent last year.

In all the measures designed to pave the way for a better CO2 balance, the large properties such as the dining halls and student dormitories require special attention in terms of their energy consumption. In order to keep a better eye on these and to be able to act and react efficiently, has for years Studierendenwerk been a member of Bundesverband der Energie-Abnehmer e.V. (VEA), which offers reliable support in all energy matters.

In order to lend even more emphasis to its commitment to climate protection, Studierendenwerk has now joined the VEA  Initiative Klimafreundlicher Mittelstand, which was founded in 2020. Companies that deal with CO2 savings in their day-to-day operations and whose goal is to make an important contribution to the energy turnaround and climate neutrality together with other medium-sized companies are active there. The initiative lobbies politicians for framework conditions that enable climate-friendly and at the same time economical action.

The offers of the climate initiative accompany and enable companies to act in a climate-friendly way. For this reason, the initiative relies on a lively exchange of best practices and successful measures among its members. Companies that join the initiative also benefit from an expanded range of services offered by the VEA. For example, the association supports members with free consultations and webinars, provides specific performance overviews for live consumption, and gives the option of generating property-specific energy reports at any time. A major benefit is access to a free platform with a systematic listing of current statewide funding opportunities.

 "For us, joining the VEA initiative is of great importance for climate protection and CO2 savings. This is associated with many opportunities to become active in one's own company and make a contribution," says Udo Coenen-Stass from the Construction and Facility Management department at Studierendenwerk.

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