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Corona: 3G rule in dining halls

In accordance with the new Corona Protection Ordinance, the so called 3G rule will also apply in the dining halls of Studierendenwerk with seating offer as from Monday, 23 August. This means that you will only be allowed to enter if you have been tested, recovered or vaccianted and have the appropriate proof.

The proof can be presented in both paper and digital form. In addition, it is required to bring a document to verify your identity.

Admission to the dining hall is allowed by presenting the following proofs:

  • tested:
    negative test result from testing center, not older than 48 hours
  • recovered:
    proof of having survived corona infection (in German or English)
    -convalescents who have been ill in the last six months and at least 28 days ago
    -convalescents whose illness occurred more than six months ago: positive test result by laboratory diagnosticts and proof of inital vaccination (14 days after vaccination)
  • vaccinated:
    proof of complete vaccination at least 14 days ago

We ask for your understanding that for organizational reasons we will not differentiate between take away and seating  offer (for the time being: Mensa Academica, Mensa Eupener Straße and Mensa Jülich). Thus, the 3G rule also apllies to you if you just want to take food with you.

Important: Individuals vaccianted with vaccines other than those licensed in the EU are considered unvaccinated and must present a current test to meet the 3G requirements.

Keeping a distance and wearing a face mask is still necessary (also during waiting time outside the building).

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