Digital information week of Studierendenwerk

StudierendenWEEK from 2 to 6 November

Finishing school, finally studying, sitting in the lecture hall, getting to know people and exploring the new home to the fullest - that's how studies should actually begin.

More than the exciting first term, however, the first Rhineland Basic Law (‘‘Et es, wie et es‘‘- ‘‘It is just the way it is‘‘) comes into consciousness. Because unfortunately the Corona pandemic still has Aachen and Jülich university life under control. Sad about this fact are of course many of the first-year students - everything boils down to one digital semester, no "Ersti" rally, no parties and no personal greetings from the rector.

We at Studierendenwerk Aachen also have to move onto digital paths so that we can provide the newcomers with important information on our services of Housing, Eating and Drinking, Finances and Childcare. That's why we have simply shot a video of some of our lectures, which we normally give in lecture halls or at information fairs, so that we can present them to all who are interested on our online channels.

However, since a lecture usually does not work without questions from the students, we will open an interactive livestream on INSTAGRAM daily from 2 to 6 November in our StudierendenWEEK, where we will try to answer as many general questions as possible.

The dates (each starting at 2 p.m. with the following livestream on INSTAGRAM)

Monday, 2 November

Tuesday, 3 November       
Eating and Drinking/University gastronomy

Wednesday, 4 November      

Thursday, 5 November   

Friday, 6 November        
StudierendenWEEK lottery

We are happy to receive your questions in advance so that we can respond to them in the livestream. We are looking forward to many questions, primarily via our INSTAGRAM channel!

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