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Digital guest registration in dining hall

On Monday, 21 June, it's time to get started – Mensa Academica will finally be open again!

As the operator of the dining halls, Studierendenwerk is required to register guests for tracking purposes. Contact details are therefore required from all guests who use the seating area. In our dining halls, we offer digital data collection via “MeldeApp Eifel“ for this purpose. We explain how it works in our short tutorial on our Instragram and Facebook channels.

Individual steps:

1. After selecting the seat on the 1st floor, the QR code on the table is scanned with the smartphone.

2. An online form appears on the display, where you enter your data and agree to the privacy policy.

3. It is also important to enter the table number.

4. Then the registration takes place via the check-in button.

5. After the meal, the check-out takes place via the check-out button.

“MeldeApp Eifel“ is a proven registration tool recommended by Städteregion Aachen. The data will be deleted after 30 days in accordance with Corona protection regulation and DSGVO regulation.

We inform about the processing of the data in our data protection regulations under point 8 (Guests information). The data protection regulations of the contract processor Eifel Tourismus GmbH can be viewed here.

The data does not have to be reentered for further visits of the dining hall. Important: If you do not want to enter your data digitally, you can alternatively enter your data on paper lists each time. These are available on the tables.

We ask that you register properly - that way we are all on the safe side. Thank you very much.

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