DSW: What Studentenwerke do

  • 952 dining halls and cafeterias, 195,000 dormitory places, 1.83 billion euros BAföG, 212 childcare centers with 9,217 places
  • Deutsches Studentenwerk (DSW) with new brochure on the work of the 57 Studentenwerke and Studierendenwerke before the pandemic
  • DSW General Secretary Achim Meyer auf der Heyde: "No academic success without social infrastructure, without Studentenwerke and Studierendenwerke".


Berlin, 2 November 2020. 952 dining halls, cafeterias, bistros, coffee bars; more than 195,000 dormitory places with an average rent of €256 per month, 9,217 places in childcare centers for the children of student parents, more than 1.8 billion euros paid out BAföG: Deutsches Studentenwerk (DSW) shows with a new publication what the 57 Studenten and Studierendenwerke achieve in a normal process.

DSW General Secretary Achim Meyer auf der Heyde explains: "The Studentenwerke are modern social companies. Their work is not profit-oriented, but nonprofit. The students‘ well-being is our top priority, not profit. Keeping the students' backs free so that they can concentrate on their studies is the main task of the Studentenwerke.

The new DSW publication "Studentenwerke im Zahlenspiegel 2019/2020" shows: In addition to dining halls, dormitories, childcare centers and the implementation of BAföG, the service portfolio of the Studentenwerke also includes study-related counseling, semester tickets, service and counseling offers for foreign students, and cultural sponsorship.

43 Studentenwerke offer psychological counseling; 46 have social counseling centers. 53 Studentenwerke offer loan funds or hardship funds for students in financial need. 34 Studentenwerke offer free meals for students in need. 29 Studentenwerke promote cultural workshops and classes for students.

Meyer auf der Heyde emphasizes: "As institutions under public law, the Studentenwerke have the task of supporting students economically, socially and culturally. They do this with an impressive portfolio of service and counseling offers. However, they do this according to economic principles and generate 62% of their income themselves".

The 57 Studenten- und Studierendenwerke in figures:

  • 20,127 employees
  • 195,308 dormitory places
  • 1.83 billion euros BAföG in 2019 on behalf of the Federal Governments
  • 23 Studentenwerke with student employment agency
  • 34 Studentenwerke offer semester tickets
  • Loan funds or hardship funds for students in financial need in 53 Studentenwerke
  • 952 dining halls, cafeterias, restaurants, bistros, coffee bars with 236,598 seats, annual sales 2019: 446 million euros
  • 49 Studentenwerke with wheelchair accessible dormitories
  • 50 Studentenwerke with special housing offers for students with children
  • 41 Studentenwerke with housing agency: Offers from private landlords to students
  • 9,122 places in 209 childcare facilities
  • 43 Studentenwerke with psychological counseling
  • 46 social counseling centers
  • 29 Studentenwerke with legal advice offer
  • four Studentenwerke with technical aids for students with disabilities
  • 42 Studentenwerke with student residence tutors to improve the integration of foreign students
  • Culture: 23 theater stages, 30 rehearsal and practice rooms for student groups, 10 photo labs, 31 galleries, 22 pubs with cultural programs, 29 Studentenwerke with cultural classes or workshops, 21 Studentenwerke with cultural festivals and competitions
  • 21 Studentenwerke with fitness and sports facilities for students
  • 13 Studentenwerke with Internet pools with free access



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