DSW-Journal 2-3/2022 with Klara Geywitz

"I would like to launch the program at the beginning of 2023".

  • Federal Minister of Construction Klara Geywitz, SPD, on the federal-state program "Junges Wohnen" (Young Housing)
  • Interview in the new DSW Journal 2-3/2022 of Deutsches Studentenwerk(DSW)
  • Young Housing" Program of the Federal Government for Students, Trainees and Police Candidates
  • Geywitz: "It will be a matter of three-digit million amounts, so that something arrives in the federal states"


Berlin, 26 July 2022. In the new issue DSW-Journal 2-3/2022 of Deutsches Studentwerk(DSW), Klara Geywitz, SPD, the Federal Minister of Housing, Urban Development and Construction, for the first time publicly comments on the planned program "Young Housing" of the Federal Government. She wants to launch it at the beginning of 2023, and it is to be endowed by the federal government with "three-digit million sums".

The federal-state "Young Housing" program announced in the federal government's coalition agreement is intended to create additional affordable housing for students, trainees and police trainees.

"My wish is that the program will be sufficiently large. We need it urgently, the housing for young people," says Klara Geywitz in an interview with DSW Journal. She explains, "I would like to launch the program at the beginning of 2023" She is currently negotiating the financial framework of the program, "but it will be three-digit million amounts, so that something arrives in the federal states," she says.

Geywitz continues, "We will conclude an administrative agreement with the states, which means the states will get a cost subsidy and can define their own funding amounts."

Referring to students, Geywitz says she wants to "talk to the student unions and university experts after the summer break" to understand how digitization is reflected in studies. "I was on the road most of the time as a student and only at home in the evenings. If studying is different today, the dorms have to be different, too."

The interview with Klara Geywitz on pages 16 to 19 of DSW Journal 2-3/2022.

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