Eating & Drinking

Increase in dining hall prices and social contribution

  • Increase in dining hall prices for university employees/guests as of 1 February
  • Social contribution increase for the summer semester

Following a decision by the Administrative Board at its last meeting, Studierendenwerk Aachen will increase the prices of the dining halls and the social contribution. Last year, the persistently high inflation and increased energy and personnel costs already left hardly any financial flexibility, and there will be further additional financial burdens in 2024.

It will not be possible to offset costs through strategic purchasing or internal process optimization. At the same time, subsidies from the state to fulfill the statutory tasks of Studierendenwerk are stagnating.

The Studierendenwerk's Administrative Board has therefore had to react with further measures to regulate costs. In order not to burden students alone, dining hall prices will only be increased for university employees and external guests. Nevertheless, it will not be possible to avoid raising the social contribution for the summer semester.

As a result, the meal prices for university staff and external guests will increase as of 1 February in accordance with the table below. The social contribution, which students have to pay each semester, will be raised from 98 euros to 108 euros for the coming summer semester. Compared to the social contributions of other student unions in NRW, Aachen's is therefore in the middle range.


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