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Increase in dining hall prices from 1 June

  • Price increase will be due to rising food prices
  • Social contribution increase for the winter semester

Increased energy costs, crop failures and, last but not least, the economic consequences of the war of aggression on Ukraine have caused food prices in particular to rise drastically in recent months.

This worrying development is unfortunately also reflected in the pricing of our suppliers in the dining sector. So far, we have seen prices in the food sector rise by an average of around 48 percent, with prices for certain goods even doubling.

In some cases, the price increases are so dramatic that they can no longer be offset by strategic purchasing or internal process optimization. As a result, we are unfortunately forced to increase selling prices in our dining facilities. It will also be unavoidable to raise the social contribution for the winter semester.

Consequently, 1 on June 2022, the meal prices for students will increase by €0.10 to €0.30, depending on the menu. For university employees and external guests, the increase will take place accordingly. The social contribution will be raised from €93 euros to €98 as of the coming winter semester.

Menu prices as from 1 June

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