FLIP THE SWITCH: Student unions launch energy-saving campaign

It's time to act: Due to the impending energy crisis and the associated costs, including for students, the student unions, in cooperation with Deutsches Studentenwerk, have launched their own energy saving campaign "FLIP THE SWITCH"".

Rapidly rising energy costs and climate change are a major challenge for everyone, including individual student unions (STW). The aim of the campaign is to motivate students, especially those living in student dormitories, to save energy.

Only if everyone rethinks now and reduces their personal energy consumption, the STW will be able to offer affordable housing in the long term. The entire campaign is designed as a triad consisting of a landingpage, a social media challenge and various media for on-site promotion. The landingpage forms the center, as this is where all the information on the purpose of the campaign, the people responsible, and the topic of saving energy is concentrated.

The social media challenge under the hashtag #myenergychallenge directly involves students in the campaign through six challenges and encourages them to participate. With various media such as a flyer, a sticker set, a roll-up, etc., STW can specifically address the residents of the student dormitories on site and sensitize them to the topic of saving energy.

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