Great fun for little discoverers

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Discover the forest with perfect equipment

Ten kindergartens in Aachen start the year 2019/2020 after the summer break with new outdoor equipments for the children. They won the STAWAG (local energy supplier) draw in May, 62 facilities applied for it. The outdoor equipment has everything that is needed for a tour to the forest: bags, bottles, lunch boxes, hats and magnifying glass cups. One set was given to the family center Pusteblume that belongs to Studierendenwerk Aachen.

According to the Head of the family center Pusteblume, Karin Bock, the forest´s colors, sounds and smells offer the idea of self-awareness to the children and it also is the place where they can realize their interest in research and discoveries. “The children also learn nature to be something that has to be taken care of as well as understand the environmental connections in time,” she added.

STAWAG is involved in a large number of projects for children and teenagers in Aachen. Last year, STAWAG drew popular sand toys. Now STAWAG wants to support children to experience nature. According to Managing Director Dr. Christian Becker, they got to know that useful equipment is appreciated in schools and kindergartens. “All children are equipped equal. Environmental protection and sustainability is very important to our company – Children who are raised in cities and do not spend their time in nature will learn of its importance with walks through the forests.”

“A great campaign that offers support where it is needed: students´ children,“ Assisting Head of Childcare Centers, Studierendenwerk Aachen, Jennifer Hepp says. “We all know that young families do not always have the possibility to buy appropriate equipment for their children due to the financial situation during their studies. New equipment for a walk through the forest is very much appreciated!” she added.


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