Heating cost allowance II for BAföG recipients

This week, the Cologne district government gave the go-ahead for the payment of the heating cost allowance II for BAföG recipients promised by the Federal Government: According to current planning, the amount of 345 euros will probably be transferred for the first time in the payment run 03/2023, the district government announced. In contrast to the special payment, which is to go to all students, those entitled to it will be determined on the basis of the available data, so that a notice can be issued and the grant paid out. The students who are entitled to the special payment of 200 euros still have to be patient: The required data cannot be retrieved from a specific source, as is the case with BAföG recipients, but requires a corresponding application platform. The federal government is not yet able to provide this at the present time.

People with low or no income have suffered particularly from the Corona pandemic. A further burden has been added in the past year by rising energy and food prices. Students are among the hardest hit segment of the population. The German government had therefore begun to take far-reaching measures for them as well in 2022 and is supporting them with various relief packages, including the heating cost allowance I/II.

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