34th poster competition of Deutsches Studentenwerk


Berlin, 9 September 2019. ‘‘Ich studiere – was geht mich Forschung an?‘‘ With its poster competition for design students Deutsches Studentenwerk (DSW) and Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) ask what scientific research means to today´s students. How important is science and research during study and in daily life? What does research mean to them – duty, passion or a distant goal? Would students like to research more during their studies? What would students like to research and why?

The poster competition is announced by DSW and DFG together. It is added to the DFG campaign ‘’DFG 2020 - Für das Wissen entscheiden’’. Germany´s biggest research support organization wants to promote research that is independent and based on knowledge – for example with the hashtag #FürDasWissen on Social Media. The competition will be announced at the beginning of the winter term 2019/2020 in all state universities for design in Germany. All ‘’Grafik-Design’’ (Grafic Design), ‘’Kommunikationsdesign’’ (Communication Design) and ‘’Visuelle Kommunikation’’ (Visual Communication) students can participate.

A jury of five shares out prize money of the total amount of € 10,000. Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft also shares out prize money of the total amount of € 3,000. The 29 best posters will tour through Germany and are going to be exhibited in different Studenten- and Studierendenwerken. The competition is supported by Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF, Federal Ministry of Education and Research).  Museum für Kommunikation Berlin (Museum for Communication Berlin) has been a cooperation partner for many years.

The posters will be handed in via online form at Deutsches Studentenwerk. The jury makes a preliminary selection. The best posters are expected to be chosen by the end of May 2019.

Information online: http://dswurl.de/34PWFolder

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