Sebastian Böstel is new StW CEO

  • Ministry appoints Sebastian Böstel as CEO
  • Dr. Swantje Eibach-Danzeglocke takes over as chairwoman of the Administrative Board for a further term of office

The search for a permanent CEO at Studierendenwerk Aachen is over: Sebastian Böstel, who has been acting temporarily since December 2020, will also manage the Studierendenwerk in the long term in the future. After a time-consuming application process, the Administrative Board of Studierendenwerk had already decided on this at the end of March, and last Friday the official approval was finally given by the Ministry of Culture and Science NRW. The 55-year-old will initially sign a five-year contract. This will take effect on 1 May 2021.

Sebastian Böstel previously worked as an interim manager in various leadership positions at aid organizations and charities at state and federal level. Prior to his assignment at Studierendenwerk, he managed the DRK-Sozialwerk Bernkastel-Wittlich gGmbH with approximately 1,200 employees. In his assignments, the focus was primarily on restructuring companies, rebuilding after mergers, and optimizing and standardizing administrative processes.

“What particularly appeals to me about working at Studierendenwerk is the great scope for creativity and the enormous development potential. During my months as temporary CEO, I was able to work with highly motivated people - together with them, I would now like to introduce things," says Sebastian Böstel, explaining his decision to make himself available for the position of CEO on a permanent basis. The top priority now is to manage Studierendenwerk through the pandemic as unscathed as possible. Another focus in the first year will be to make important fundamental decisions for various renovation projects in the dormitory area.

There is also news from the Studierendenwerk's Administrative Board, which was reconstituted on 20 April: Dr. Swantje Eibach-Danzeglocke was again elected chairwoman for the coming term of office, and the board appointed student member Jannik Hellenkamp as deputy. The resigned Prorector of the RWTH, Professor Aloys Krieg, is succeeded as "member of a university rectorate" by the Rector of the RWTH, Professor Dr. Ulrich Rüdiger.

The meeting resulted in the following replacement: Dr. Swantje Eibach-Danzeglocke (Chair), Jannik Hellenkamp (RWTH Aachen), Michael Dappen (RWTH Aachen), Jasmin Dederichs (RWTH Aachen), Christiane Maassen (FH Aachen), Professor Dr. Ulrich Rüdiger (RWTH Aachen), Professor Michael Wulf (FH Aachen), Marion Bauwens and Stefanie Claveria (both Studierendenwerk Aachen).

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