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How do you cook for thousands of guests? How are ingredients prepared in a large kitchen? What does it take to meet the hygiene standards? Almost everyone who has been to a university dining hall is curious about these things.

Soon, it will be possible to get the answers: In November, Studierendenwerk again gives a tour through the storerooms and kitchens of Mensa Academica. It will go behind the scenes of the main dining hall and show the work routines and preparation of the dishes. There are going to be two tours: On 22 and 25 November at 3 pm. The head of the dining hall, Peter Schröder, will be your guide. Twelve persons maximum can take part in one tour. Interested students can sign up via email:


Tour only available in German.

* Please note that it is not possible to sign up for the tour as a group. Individual sign ups only.

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