Eating & Drinking

New dining hall dictionary in three languages


It does not matter where they are from - food is important to all students. After a tough lecture at lunchtime something delicious is needed. Being hungry is one thing, finding the way in the dining hall as a new foreign student is another. Therefore, Deutsches Studentenwerk (DSW- German National Association for Student Affairs) published an “Illustrated Mensa Dictionary” in which it accompanies three students on their visit to the dining hall. It explains meals and drinks, cashless payment, the list of ingredients as well as regional differences - with illustrations and vocabulary in three different languages (German, English and Chinese). The dictionary is meant to help especially new foreign students to find their way in the dining hall and it also represents the variety and quality of today’s food at a dining hall.

The Illustrated Mensa Dictionary is the third dictionary of a DSW brochure series that helps foreign students through their everyday life in an amusing way. In addition, services of Studentenwerke and Studierendenwerke are presented. “Illustrated Dorm Dictionary” (in four issues) and “First Aid: Illustrated Health Dictionary” were also published in the series. A download of these brochures is available on the DSW Website.

Download the Illustrated Mensa Dictionary here.

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