"One Streusel at a time" to go!

Studierendenwerk is delighted to present the three best sayings, which have been transformed into colorful postcard designs and are now available to everyone in the Aachen and Jülich university area. The sayings serve to motivate students in their everyday lives, but also make them smile.

The winning slogan "One Streusel at a time" by Alina Meyer received special recognition in the online voting. Alina explained her inspiration for the slogan at the award ceremony: "It was important to me to make a connection to Aachen with the motivational slogan. As I love crumble rolls, one thing led to another."

Second place in the competition went to Noah Wind with his slogan "Don't take life too seriously, nobody gets out alive anyway", followed by Sophie Baldus in third place with "Im Pyjama und dem 10. Kaffee in der Hand die Sonnenstrahlen durch die verdreckten Scheiben betrachten. Sounds like Klausurenphase. (Looking at the sun's rays through the dirty windows in your pyjamas with your 10th coffee in your hand. Sounds like exam period)." Congratulations to the three winners!

Studierendenwerk would like to thank all participants for their numerous entries and for the support of AOK Rheinland/Hamburg.

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