Recycled windows for Kullenhof dormitory

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Technical know-how in the service of resource efficiency and sustainability is currently provided by the university location Aachen. Around 700 old PVC windows of six Studierendenwerk Aachen dormitories in Kullenhofstraße are being replaced with new energy-saving plastic windows by the window construction company Kochs GmbH from Herzogenrath. However, the worn out components will not be incinerated, but will be added to the nationwide material cycle of the Rewindo recycling system. "I am particularly pleased about this reference project, as we have already carried out interesting and sustainable recycling projects with large quantities of old windows in this region," says Michael Vetter, CEO of Rewindo GmbH Fenster-Recycling-Service Bonn.

The building complex at Kullenhofstraße, which was constructed at the beginning of the 1980s and has four to six floors and around 480 student apartments, will receive around 690 new plastic windows of the brand profine in accordance with current technical standards with triple glazing, sun protection and sound insulation, as well as six window systems for the staircases and six entrance doors by October 2020 as part of a renovation project.

Dekura first shreds and further cuts up the old PVC windows. Then a variety of processes are used to separate it into metal, rubber, glass and plastic. This is heated again and pressed through a filter to select the last foreign particles. What remains is pure PVC granulate for new plastic windows with a recycled core. "Old windows are turned into new windows again without cutting the physical properties of the building. Their profile core consists of recycled PVC, only on the surface of the profile new material is used for visual reasons," explains Vetter.

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