Renovation project of dormitory in Jülich started

Things are happening in the Jan-von-Werth-Straße dormitory in Jülich, which has been vacated - last week, preparatory work began for the major renovation that had been announced.

In the oldest of the StW student dormitories in Jülich, damage had accumulated in recent years, so that from a technical, structural and economic point of view, a comprehensive renovation of the building had become unavoidable. The building, which was built in the late 1960s and taken over by Studierendenwerk in 1979, is now being "turned inside out": In addition to installation shafts and window and door connections, the entire technical installations and the entire interior (kitchens, toilets, showers, doors, floors, wall and ceiling surfaces) are being redeveloped. In addition, the building shell is to be worked on. The estimated construction costs amount to around five million euros.

The redevelopment was to start at the beginning of the year, but the first measure, the clearing out of the building, could not be started until the beginning of March. The reason for this was the investigation into harmful substances, which has now been fully completed and took longer than expected. The results of which required a change of plan, particularly for the demolition work. The substances found in the walls are solidly bound harmful substances that were usually used in buildings of this year. Based on the results of the investigation, a reliable redevelopment concept can now be worked out.

In order not to fall further behind schedule, efforts are now being made to bring forward as much of the work, that still has to be done, as possible. The start of the redevelopment work is then expected to take place in the middle of the year. The planning stage is almost complete and is currently being continued with the approval and design plan. The next step will be the demolition of the heating system in April.

The renovation work is expected to take about twelve months. The students can look forward to something: In addition to the structural and technical quality of the complete renovation, the quality of living will also be improved by upgrading the common areas, in particular by enlarging the kitchen to create a common lounge area where people can eat, play or study together.

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