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Studierendenwerk joins Masthuhn-Initiative

Studierendenwerk Aachen joins Masthuhn-Initiative (Broiler initiative) of Albert-Schweitzer-Stiftung

The topic animal protection should not lose importance also in Corona times: After years without larger progress for broilers Albert-Schweitzer-Stiftung and 29 animal protection organizations united to a European broiler initiative (Europäischen Masthuhn-Initiative), in order to define - under consideration of the economic basic conditions - minimum requirements for poultry farming. As operators of nine university dining halls in Aachen and Jülich now also Studierendenwerk Aachen joined this initiative.

Europäische Masthuhn-Initiative pursues the essential goal of improving the keeping of broilers. Important animal protection aspects such as a lower stocking density, the restriction of overbreeding and minimum standards for light and employment material are implemented.

Companies from the food industry that want to take important steps and set standards support Europäische Masthuhn-Initiative and implement the required criteria. "For us as a company that cannot go without meat in its menu due to guests, it is important to give more emphasis to the topic and also to set clear goals", Arnold Mattes, Head of the Dining Department at Studierendenwerk, confirms the decision.

With the entry Studierendenwerk commits itself to meet the requirements of Europäische Masthuhn-Initiative for 100 per cent of the chicken meat until 2026 at the latest. Studierendenwerk Aachen publishes annual reports on the progress of the implementation and has independent checks carried out to ensure compliance with the standards.

Until meat is available that meets all criteria of Europäische Masthuhn Initiative, Studierendenwerk will fall back on similar offers such as the entry level of the German Animal Welfare Association and increase their share in the product range.

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