Study room in Mensa Academica


Home is not always the best place for studying: Rooms that are too warm, noisy roommates and many distractions get in the way of concentrating. However, free places in university study rooms are hard to find. Therefore, RWTH has rented a part of Mensa Academica, the main dining hall of Studierendenwerk, as study room again. As from 5 August and until 29 September Aachen students can read and study there between 8 am and 8 pm every day of the week. The room offers perfect conditions: Air conditioning, Wi-Fi sockets, total quiet and an inspiring view on the Ponttor.

Study room in Studierendenwerk
Mensa Academica
Pontwall 3, 1st floor
5 August−29 September
Monday to Sunday, 8 am−8 pm

We wish all students a successful exam period!


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