Eating & Drinking

The "free table" remains!

The Corona bridging assistance from the Federal Government expired in September - Aachen students who are provably in financial need are to continue to receive a free daily meal in the dining halls.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Studierendenwerk Aachen has been supporting students in acute need with various aid offers. With the bridging assistance of the BMBF, the so-called ‘‘free table‘‘ was introduced, which also provided free food for those entitled. Now that the federal aid has expired, Studierendenwerk has decided to maintain this offer until further notice.

An application for the free meals can be made by students who, according to the rules of their AStA, are entitled to a support payment for reasons of social hardship. This includes, for example, RWTH students who receive the social loan from the AStA or the ProRWTH bridging grant. In addition, all students who have had their semester ticket refunded due to social hardship can benefit from the ‘‘free table‘‘.

The respective AStAs of the universities are responsible for issuing a certificate for students of the RWTH or FH Aachen. Information on how to apply and on the eligibility criteria can be found on the RWTH and FH AStA website. Students of KatHO Aachen contact the Förderverein der Katholischen Hochschule.

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