Tour through the history of Studierendenwerk

After many events in the anniversary year that were cancelled due to Corona, Studierendenwerk Aachen now presents its planned historical exhibition as part of an exciting online tour through history!

In addition to important key data, great historical photos and films can be seen, as well as many stories from the various decades in the form of audio light shows, told by contemporary witnesses of the past and students of today. Finally, Studierendenwerk shows the brand new "STWillage-Film", which shows all facilities of the STW from a bird's eye view.

The "real" exhibition for the Mensa Academica is already ready in the drawer, waiting to be set up on Pontwall after Corona. Unfortunately, this will still take some time, and the students, employees and all those interested will probably have to be a little patient as well as with regard to the other action program planned for the 100th anniversary. But one thing is already clear today: even if it is postponed, it does not mean that it is cancelled.

A small appetizer will now be the historical virtual tour - Studierendenwerk wishes you a lot of fun!

see the tour through history!

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