Wiebke Gehm is Student of the Year

© Wiebke Gehm
  • Medical student at Rostock University receives award from DHV (Deutscher Hochschulverband) and DSW (Deutsches Studentenwerk)
  • Co-founder of the student initiative "TNA – Tommy nicht allein" ("TNA – Tommy not alone")
  • Medical students do voluntary work for seriously ill children
  • DHV/DSW: “We honour Wiebke Gehm for her outstanding voluntary commitment and for a whole exemplary project”

  • Bonn/Berlin, 21 February 2019. Wiebke Gehm gets honoured with the “Student of the Year” award by DHV (Deutscher Hochschulverband) and DSW (Deutsches Studentenwerk). The 24 year old medical student at Rostock University is co-founder and leading member of the student initiative "TNA – Tommy nicht allein" (TNA – Tommy not alone"). The initiative does honorary work for seriously ill children in the children’s hospital in Rostock.

    The initiative was founded in 2015 for a boy named Tommy who was treated at the University Hospital Rostock. After him TNA was named. The main task of TNA is to take care of seriously ill children whose parents cannot permanently be in the hospital or need a short break from staying in the hospital. The students can be sent for around the clock each day of the year. They entertain the children and play with them.  

    Co-founder Wiebke Gehm continuously developed the project and made it possible for more and more children to benefit from it. She arranges introductory classes and teachings for new members and recruits interested students. She also organizes special events like children days or Secret Santa gift games for the little patients. The jury favoured Wiebke Gehm amongst 62 other nominees.

    “Ms Gehm stands out due to her outstanding commitment to the honorary work for children who are in hospital or have gotten into social difficulties. TNA represents a unique and innovative care offer for children that hopefully finds a lot of imitators. That is why we honour Ms Gehm and with her the whole initiative”, explain DHV and DSW.

    The “Student of the Year“ award is given for the fourth time. It honours a student or a team of students who show remarkable commitment that goes beyond the general accomplishment in their studies and is special and innovative. According to the DHV and DSW jury, TNA fully meets these criteria.

    The award is going to be presented at the “Gala der Deutschen Wissenschaft” on 8 April 2019 in Berlin. The prize money of 5 000 € is donated by Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft.

    The jury:

    • Professor Dr. Daniela Wawra, Vice president of DSW
    • Dr. Michael Hartmer, CEO of DHV
    • Dr. Matthias Jaroch, spokesman of DHV
    • Achim Meyer auf der Heyde, General secretary of DSW
    • Katharina Waller, student member of the DSW board, spokeswoman of the DSW student council
    • Philipp Christian Schulz, spokesman of the DSW student council

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