Win 10 x 2 Cinema Tickets for „I AM MOTHER“!

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A teenage girl called Daughter lives in an automated bunker and is cared for by a robot named Mother. The robot was designed to repopulate humanity activates after an extinction event. The bond between Mother and Daughter is intimidated after a wounded woman appears and begs for help. Daughter´s world is turned upside down by the presence of the woman and she starts to question her only parent. In a breath taking finale Daughter has to face Mother to find out the truth about her world and her true mission.

Win 10 x 2 free tickets for the movie. The tickets can be used in all cinemas that show the movie. Just send an email stating “I AM MOTHER” to verlosung@stw.rwth-aachen.de by Wednesday, 21.08.2019, 2 p.m..

Cinema release: 22 July

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