Win 3 x 2 tickets for „Eure Mütter“

© Bernhard Frei

‘’Eure Mütter-die neue Show’’ starts! The three Swabians do not grant themselves or the audience a little break. They tell one joke after another on Sunday, 8 March 2020 at Stadthalle Alsdorf.

With their new program ‘’Bitte nicht am Lumpi saugen!’’ ‘’Eure Mütter’’ offers a lot by singing, making music, playing, making remarks, and laughing wickedly about everything what their generation is facing. 20 years ago, they have been on stage for the first time and started to turn the world of entertainment upside down. Thousands of live viewers and 50 million YouTube views later, ‘’Eure Mütter’’ presents two hours of brand new material what definitively stands for: All killer, no filler! In their seventh program Andi Kraus, Don Svezia and Matze Weinmann present again a lot of songs and sketches like no one else is able to write them or even play. No taboos. The trio is not shy and celebrates its crudes jokes of their program on stage. They spare nobody and stop at nothing when they make a fool out of themselves. Join them when they give all they have got-unrestrained and hilarious.

Tickets available on Meyer Konzerte … and here! Win 3 x 2 free tickets for the show on Sunday, 8 March, 7 p.m., Stadthalle in Alsdorf. Just send an email stating “Eure Mütter” to verlosung@stw.rwth-aachen.de by Friday, 28 February, noon.


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