About us


Studierendenwerk Aachen: Partner of Students

For more than 100 years we have been supporting students in Aachen by providing the perfect social infrastructure for studying and have responded to what students need in their everyday life. Already in 1920, the University of Aachen founded the “Mensa academica”, the first social facility for students in need, closely followed by the establishment of the association “Studentenwohl Aachen e.V.”. In 1925, this association was transformed into the organization „Haus der Studentenschaft” on Turmstraße. Later, „Haus der Studentenschaft” developed into Studierendenwerk Aachen.

Today, Studierendenwerk Aachen is a modern services provider with more than 350 employees, supporting round about 64.000 students in Aachen. As one of 57 student service organizations in Germany, we provide social services such as meals at fair prices, low-priced housing, financial support and reliable childcare.

Close cooperation with the Aachen universities is very important to us. Together we make a major contribution to the quality development of Aachen and Jülich as university locations: We connect research and teaching with a good social infrastructure - this guarantees optimal conditions for successful studies.