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Studierendenwerk Aachen AöR
Pontwall 3
52062 Aachen

Opening hours:
Mon−Thu 9 a.m.−3 p.m.
Fri 9 a.m.2:30 p.m.
as well as by appointment

Tel. +49 241 80-93200
Fax +49 241 80-693109








CEO Sebastian Böstel
Central Services Department Sarah Melchisedech
Student Housing Department Thorsten Sommer
Accounting Department Annemarie Kolberg
Dining Department Arnold Mattes
Study Finance Department Julia Schulz-Wachler
Construction and Facility Management Bastienne Erkelenz
Staff Unit Corporate Communications Ute von Drathen

Service Offices

Housing Office Birgit Anhalt
BAföG /Finances Julia Schulz-Wachler
Infopoint  Miriam Hensgens


Equal Opportunity Commissioner Elena Hoffmann

Representative for severly disabled employees
Sarah Melchisedech (temp.)

Maternity Protection Counsellor

Manuela Brücker

Data Protection Officer


Staff Council Representative

Marion Bauwens

Technical Emergencies

Outside the janitor's service hours you can reach the technical emergency service (no key service!):
+49 241 80-93170.

On 115 you can ask questions about apartment hunting, moving, apartment registration, car registration and pollution badges, resident parking permits, and applications for housing benefit.