Childcare | Provider Principles


Studierendenwerk Aachen Provider Principles

Mutual appreciation and respectful interaction determine the daily work in our childcare centers. Connected closely to the democratic basic idea, we want to support children and adults in developing their own possibilities and in forming their own lives within a community. We are open for individual living conditions, interests and needs and take them seriously.

It is very important for us, that children spend a happy time in our centers. Well-being, vitality, protection and the feeling of "belonging" are absolutely essential for the development and education processes. We know that there is no education without bond. Therefore we actively encourage the relationships between children, their families and our pedagogical staff. 

The nature of each person is enriching to a lively community. Needless to say, that each child sets its own pace in its explorations and learning steps. The questions and thoughts of the children and parents are very important. We do not want to slow down their thirst for knowledge and action, but to encourage and support them.

The child’s open view on its surroundings requires accompanying it in everyday play. Because then it uses all its abilities actively: It focuses, acts and observes, makes connections and gets to know the characteristics of the many things in its environment. It experiences being together with others and is therefore challenged emotionally and socially. As it plays, it reinvents the world and makes discoveries that will be useful later. We see ourselves as a reliable partner who provides guidance and assistance in processing the many impressions of the child.  

In our daily work we act responsibly towards nature and take sustainability into account. 

Indoor and outdoor facilities as well as furniture and toys provide the framework for realizing the aims stipulated in our concepts.

We promote the professional and personal development of our staff through a variety of internal and external education courses, because a high quality of work is important to us.

Families are the first and most important place for education and upbringing. This is why we include them as a partner into our work and involve mothers and fathers in a variety of activities in our childcare centers. We take mutual appreciation for granted.

Integration in every way is our aim. The integration of your child is our aspiration in every aspect. According to this self-understanding, we see it as our duty to respect the diversity of families, to avoid exclusion and to accept different values.

Guided by an African proverb that says: “It takes a whole village to educate and strengthen a child.” we believe that involving many participants in our childcare centers is important.

Our provider principles are orientated around our latest learning experience and social developments. It will be further developed accordingly.


Aachen, 4 January, 2017