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Paying as a guest

Customers who are not enrolled at a German university and are not entitled to pay the student price use the Guest Card for paying. It is sold at the dining hall checkouts (except Mensa Academica) and at the Infopoint.

The following prices apply to non-students.

If you want to eat in a dining hall with a whole group you can order “Mensa Coins”. With this cashless payment system you receive an invoice after your visit.

Remaining balances are refunded at the Infopoint, in Mensa Vita (coffeebar), Mensa Bayernallee (coffeebar) and in Mensa Jülich. We can refund your balance up to three years after the last use of the card.

Since July 2016, the Guest Card costs 2 €. Important information for those who already have a Guest Card: The old card can still be used without restrictions and without time limit. Holders of old Guest Cards do not have to buy a new one. The remaining balance and deposit are refunded at the service points (Mensa Jülich, Mensa Vita, Mensa Bayernallee and Mensa Academica) as usual.

In order for our dining hall staff to distinguish which cards are refundable and which are not, the new Guest Card looks as follows: