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For more and more people a healthy, nutritious and sustainable diet is important; especially, when most of the day is spent sitting and you need to keep your concentration on a constantly high level. That’s why a team of eastern German Studentenwerke has developed a menu concept that offers a light and balanced diet for students: mensaVital. Studierendenwerk Aachen joined the concept and offers mensaVital dishes.

  • Fresh throughout the day
    mensaVital dishes are fresh – they stimulate your sense of taste as well as your body and spirit. Nutritious and thoroughly written recipes create a wholesome and creative menu that gives you enough energy for staying mentally and physically fit at work or at university.

  • Full of vitamins
    When preparing mensaVital dishes we especially make sure that all vitamins are conserved. In order to meet the requirements of the “5 a day” diet recommendation every meal contains a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables.

  • Healthy fats
    Classic „fat traps“ such as fried or breaded food are banned from all mensaVital meals. No manufactured fats, deep-fry oil or ghee are used. Instead, we cook with high-quality plant oils such as rapeseed oil or olive oil, lean meat and low-fat dairy products. The fish dish we offer once a week provides omega-3 fatty acid. The fish is selected according to the WWF list and endangered species won’t be found in our kitchens.

  • Without flavour enhancers
    A basic feature of the mensaVital concept: All dishes and ingredients are prepared without any flavour enhancers. This means that we do not use any ready-made products such as frozen pizza, ready-made sauce or other convenience food classics. Instead, our meals are cooked with fresh herbs – which creates an even more aromatic taste.

  • Variety of tastes
    The recipes connect regional with international cuisine and offer all kinds of different dishes – there is something for every taste. In addition to the classic side dishes such as potatoes, wholemeal pasta or wholemeal rice we offer ebly, couscous or bulgur.

  • Innovative dining hall concept
    The mensaVital concept offering a balanced, tasty, filling and varied diet in Studierendenwerke all over Germany proves that healthy food can be absolutely delicious.


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