Eating & Drinking | Quality and Hygiene

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Quality is important to us!

We attach great importance to the quality of food, products and service. In order to keep these aspects on a constantly high level, we continuously examine and improve our offers and customer service. Based on customer satisfaction surveys we regularly develop improvement processes that enable us to further optimize and expand our range of services.


Product Quality

A balanced diet provides the basis for an active and conscious lifestyle. Therefore, ways of food preparation that retain vitamins and nutrients are especially important to us. Furthermore, we have started switching to ecologically sound and sustainably produced ingredients. Thus, vegetarian and vegan dishes are an integral part of our daily menus.

Every ingredient used is examined according to strict quality regulations. During these examinations we make sure to select environmentally friendly goods: In our dining facilities we use genetically unmodified products, barn and free range eggs as well as organic and fair trade coffee and cocoa. Moreover, we try our utmost to do without substances that require declaration.

Service Quality

In order to provide the best service in our dining facilities, we regularly train our staff. Our staff members work conscientiously according to standards developed by us that ensure excellent service for our guests.

We take suggestions for service improvement very seriously and try to put them into practice in the interests of our customers and in cooperation with our staff as quickly and effectively as possible.

Offer Quality

On the basis of market analyses and regular trainings as well as by visiting trade fairs, we constantly follow culinary trends and new eating habits. As far as possible, we use our newly obtained knowledge when creating our daily menus.

We offer a varied selection of seasonal food and change our season-oriented menus two times a year. Serving special dishes is as important to us. International dishes, e.g. Mediterranean or Asian cuisines have started playing an important role in our dining halls: Pasta, pizza and wok counters create a modern atmosphere and guarantee daily variety


Hygiene can be taken for granted in Studierendenwerk. From transportation and arrival of the goods to proper storage through to preparation and distribution, our staff members mind the adherence to fixed hygiene standards. Additionally, the defined requirements are regularly examined and certified by external firms. 

For purposes of traceability, we store samples of all food items. By continuously expanding our HAACP program (hazard analysis critical control points) we pursue the goal to identify, assess and avoid potential health hazards.

We are certified:

  • Certified Quality Management according to ISO 9001
    In November 2015, the Studierendenwerk dining halls and cafeterias gained a TÜV Certification in accordance with ISO 9001. New methods and standards in food preparation were established in the certifying process. With these, Studierendenwerk Aachen strives to increase the transparency of processes, satisfy its customers and reduce error rates. The process also involved the development of cleaning and disinfection standards applying to all dining facilities as well as function definitions for about 130 staff members in the dining services department.

  • PETA certification for vegan-friendly dining halls
    In the last years, Mensa Academica and Mensa Vita each gained PETA Stars. The animal rights organization awarded dining halls throughout Germany for selection, regularity and labelling of plant-based dishes, trained staff, special vegan days and for the promotion of a vegan diet.