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Reusable dishes in our dining halls

It is our concern to contribute as much as possible to the topic of sustainability in the university area in Aachen and Jülich. The careful use of resources in our various facilities is particularly important to us.

Environmental protection should be as simple as possible. Since November 2021, we have therefore been providing all of our dining facilities with a deposit-free reusable take away dishes from Relevo, which can be used conveniently and easily via an app.

Switching to reusable is worth it because all the take away food and drinks are less expensive when they are not taken in disposable dishes. For example, a climate fee is charged for every drink in a paper cup and for all take away food in disposable packaging. This price regulation is intended to create an incentive for everyone to use only reusable dishes in the future.

Use is based on a lending system and is free of charge for guests.


How the system works

Anleitung Relevo
  1. Download the app
    First of all, download the Relevo app from Google Play or the App Store on your smartphone and register. Registration is necessary so that you can participate in the system, because the app will register which reusable containers you borrow in the future. Only the personal data required to use the reusable system will be collected. For more information, see point 10 in our privacy policy.

  1. Order
    After registration you can borrow the reusable container. You will receive this with your selected meal at the dinging hall counter. You will always receive a matching lid for the reusable take away dishes.

  1. Scan QR code
    After you receive the dishes, scan the QR code printed on your reusable dishes. You show the scan confirmation to the cashier before you pay. That's all - there is no cost to you. Then enjoy your meal where and when you want: The dishes are microwave safe.

  1. Return dishes
    Return the dishes to the facility - preferably at your next visit to the dining hall. To end the loan, scan the QR code at the return station. Stations are located in all Studierendenwerk dining halls. Dishes that are not returned within 14 days must be purchased. The purchase price is ten euros.  In exceptional cases, an extension of the period of use can be arranged with the provider Revelo.

Our reusable system offers the following containers:
- Large bowls for menus and dishes from the special counters
- Bowls for stews and soups
- Cups for hot and cold drinks


Here we answer the most important questions about the reusable system!

How much does the reusable take away system cost?

The use of the reusable take away system is completely free of charge for our guests. You can borrow the Relevo reusable dishes at no extra charge and use them for 14 days. During these two weeks, you will be reminded several times in the app and by email about the return deadline. Should you still not manage to return the dishes within the 14-day lending period, you can easily and conveniently use the extension option for one week via the app. There is a fee of €1 for this. If you do not return the dishes, they are considered purchased and you will be charged 10 euros. Of course, it is more sustainable and makes more sense to always return the reusable containers to the distribution and return cycle.

I cannot (or do not want to) participate in the Relevo reusable system. What can I do?

We know that most of our customers use smartphones and regularly use apps. For the few who do not use smartphones, the only options at this time are to continue to use the disposable containers or eat on site. It should be noted that there is a climate fee for disposable take away dishes.

What material is the reusable dishes made of?

The reusable dishes used is made of styrene-acrylonitrile and comes from a manufacturer in Westphalia; accordingly, the products are 100 percent made in Germany and are subject to ongoing controls.

Are the dishes suitable for the microwave, dishwasher and freezer?

The reusable containers are

  • light, break-resistant, scratch-resistant and durable
  • lockable
  • dishwasher safe
  • microwave safe (max. 2 minutes at max. 600 watts)
  • freezer safe (up to -25°C)
  • food safe & free of harmful substances (without dangerous plasticizers)
  • made of quality plastic (BPA-free)
  • tasteless & odorless
  • space-saving storage and stackable
  • 100% recyclable (recyclable again)
What happens to my personal data?

In the Relevo app, you will need to provide a few personal details that are mandatory to use the reusable system: First and last name, email address and postal address. Studierendenwerk Aachen itself does not collect any personal data. Nor do we have access to the data processed in the app. This is entirely the responsibility of Relevo. For more information about Relevo's data protection, see the privacy policy.

Can I lend dishes to my friends?

Transferring dishes to other people is possible via the "Friend Scan" feature: dishes that have already been lent can be scanned out from another Relevo account during the lending period. In this case, the user is simply asked whether they actually want to transfer the dishes to their account. By confirming, they are then transferred to the new user's account. In this way, any number of dishes can be borrowed at any time using the smartphone - when they are handed over to other people, they simply scan their dishes with their own Relevo app and take them over.

Of course, the same process works in reverse for returning dishes. One person can book all of their colleagues' dishes into their inventory and then simply drop them off collectively at the drop-off locations.

What happens if I don't return my Relevo reusable dishes within 14 days?

The purpose of the system is to ensure that containers are returned expeditiously after use, to maintain the cycle of distribution and return. Should you still not manage to return the dishes within the 14-day lending period, you can easily and conveniently use the extension option for one week via the app. There is a fee of €1 for this. If, despite reminders, you do not return it by the deadline, Relevo will charge you for the container. It then becomes your property.

Do I need to rinse Relevo reusable dishes before returning it?

In order to make the use of Relevos as pleasant as possible for all parties involved, we ask for the following procedure:

  • If returning immediately after meal/same day:
    Empty container
  • If returning the next day:
    Empty container and briefly wipe out/rinse with water.
  • If returned after two or more days:
    Empty container and rinse clean, all visible leftovers must be removed.

In case of dried or moldy food leftovers, the container will not be taken back!

I have scratch marks on the reusable dishes. Do I have to buy the container now?

Relevo reusable dishes are robust. Signs of use should be minimal to non-existent with normal use. However, if something is out of order after repeated use, we will sort out the dishes after they are normally returned to the stations. The used dishes are then shredded and made into new dishes. The material is fully recyclable.

I still have questions about the reusable system. Who can I contact?

Please write to