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Coffee grounds – anything but waste!

What does plant fertilizer, a lip peeling and the expulsion of wasps have in common? Coffee grounds can be used for it all!

Under the slogan "Coffee grounds - anything but waste", we would like to take another step towards sustainability in the future. Because every year tons of coffee grounds end up in the trash, and these come not only from private households, but of course also from gastronomic establishments. It's no different in  Studierendenwerk's coffee bars - but that's about to change!

Coffee grounds are much more than just household waste. It is rich in nutrients and, used correctly, can offer a simple alternative for many everyday products. And it goes far beyond the examples mentioned at the beginning. For anyone who is curious, we have put together some examples for use and further information on our Instagram page.

The coffee grounds can be collected free of charge by students of the Aachen universities at the AcademiCaffè in Mensa Academica. Students should bring their own containers to fill. The coffee grounds can be collected during regular opening hours.